Pole Dancing Lessons

 Pole Dancing:


  • Improves posture, coordination and flexibility

  • Builds your upper body and core strength

  • Shapes your figure and tones your whole body

  • Builds confidence

  • Enables you to express yourself

  • Is so much fun!


Pole Dancing is suitable for all, regardless of age, shape, sex, size, you can all be a Pole Athlete.


We recommend all beginners attend our 6 week beginners course or attend private lessons before joining the Mixed Ability classes. 

Our next beginners course starts on Thursday 5th September @ 7pm -£45 for the 6 week course. 

Please click HERE for more details or to book your place.


Pole Dancing Lessons are £8 payg. We also offer Class Pack options. Please get in touch or click on memberships at the bottom of the page to find out more. We run Pole Dancing classes every night of the week Mon- Fri and on Sundays


Private lessons are also available. You can view availability by clicking on the Schedule(chose Private Lessons in Venue) below or please Contact Us for more information.

You can book into a mixed ability class or beginners course and check availabilty directly on this website by using the booking system at the bottom of this page..

For directions or any other enquiries please use the FAQ or use the Contact us page.


NB: Please do not apply any lotions or moisturisers at least 4 hours before the class

Pole Dance Classes Chesterfield
Pole Dance Classes Chesterfield

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