Circus Fit

Swap the treadmill for the ropes and learn the training techniques of professional circus aerialists in this ultimate fitness acrobatic workout. With conditioning aerial moves, bar and body weight exercises you'll feel like you're ready for the big top. Circus fitness provides a full-body workout, is one of the most effective ways at strength building and you’ll certainly feel the burn soon after- trust us. All levels welcome - No experience necessary. Using your own body weight as resistance, this class tones muscles and improves strength, stamina and endurance. Every session will be a mixture of aerial and pole fitness as well as bootcamp style training to help you achieve your goals Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or get fit, this is the class for you. £30 for 6 weeks or £6.50 payg. Not currently open for Registrations.

No previous experience necessary. All levels welcome.